MPC5200 based PMC processor card.

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Processor PMC with MPC5200 and FPGA for flexible solutions – PrPMC520

The PrPMC is an MPC5200 based processor PMC. It is the heart of the Low Power Data Acquisition System (LpDAS), but it can also be used as a standard PMC on a PMC carrier card.
Inside LpDAS, the PrPMC520 is meant for applications with low power consumption and high performance in a harsh environment. The PrPMC520 can also be used as processor card on a PMC carrier card and act as a single board computer.
The PrPMC520 has a maximum of 256MByte SDRAM and a maximum of 128MByte Flash memory to store your application program and data.
Besides the MPC5200, the PrPMC520 has an FPGA for flexible solutions. In this FPGA it is possible to have the PCI interface, but also several different I/O interfaces, like ARINC-429/573, serial interface, USB1.1, digital I/O, MIL-STD-1533. Please contact for more information on this subject, to translate your requirements into a tailored solution or a standard available solution. Standard available interface:
1 x Ethernet 10/100Mb
2 x CAN
1 x UART
1x CompactFlash slot

As the PrPMC is a conduction cooled PMC card, the interface connections are all through the rear I/O. We provide PIM cards for your application. The PrPMC520 is only available as a conduction cooled version.
Also available is a development carrier card for the PrPMC520. This carrier card is meant for software development purposes; it provides connectors and signal conditioning.
The PrPMC520 can be delivered with an OS-less software support for the GNU development environment. Optional, with TCP/IP stack. The PrPCM520 is able to run various operating systems such as VxWorks, Embedded Linux, Integrity and many more.


MPC5200B CPU @ 396MHz
Maximum 256MByte SDRAM
Maximum 128MByte Flash
64Kbit Eeprom
RTC with GoldCap/Battery option
FPGA for flexible I/O and implementation of protocol stacks
Conduction cooled PMC form factor
PCI interface


prPMC520 datasheet – product datasheet