3ATI enclosure
Modular concept for easy adaption to custom requirements
Active Matrix TFT display, 2.8″ QVGA 320×240 pixel resolution with LED backlight
MPC5554 processor with on-chip 2MByte Flash and 64kByte SRAM memory
1MByte SRAM memory (max 8MByte) and 256kbit NVRAM memory
FPGA with Graphics Controller, ARINC controller, PWM controller and Incremental Encoder. Features a hardware based Software Error Detection (SED)
Two soft key buttons
Light intensity sensor for automatically dimming of display backlight
Rotary knob incremental encoder
Six discrete inputs and two discrete outputs
Four ARINC-429 inputs and four ARINC-429 outputs
Four program pins
External panel lighting input
28Vdc power supply input



3ATI General Purpose Intelligent Cockpit AMTFT Display (GPICAD) – GPICAD

The GPICAD is a small, modular and lightweight general purpose intelligent cockpit display. Separate boards inside the enclosure guarantee easy adaptation to custom requirements. The boards are stacked and firmly mounted inside the enclosure. The GPICAD is developed for several kinds of airborne certifiable applications, such as:
> Crew information display
> Positioning information display
> General Monitoring Information display
> Replacement for obsolete cockpit equipment
> Standby equipment

The GPICAD has ARINC-429 interfaces to communicate with other equipment in the aircraft, plus discrete inputs and outputs for interfacing with the aircraft control and relay panels. Analog I/O and other interfaces like MIL-STD1553 and ARINC-825 can also be implemented.
The GPICAD is built around the powerful MPC5554 processor and has an extended temperature Active Matrix TFT display, 2.8inch QVGA 320×240 pixel resolution with graphics controller in FPGA. This guarantees long availability and better environmental specifications as well as the option for customization according to specific custom requirements.
The MPC5554 and FPGA offer a maximum of flexibility for all kinds of applications.