A 9-port Gbit Ethernet unmanaged switch PMC including one network interface controller for use in embedded computer applications.

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Gigabit Ethernet Switch PMC (unmanaged) – PMC402

A 9-port Gbit Ethernet unmanaged switch PMC including NIC (Network Interface Controller) for use in embedded computer applications. Typical applications are media streaming, data transfer and logging, network test equipment, control and monitoring, stand-alone switch and many others. Applying the PMC402 in an embedded computer system can prevent the use of separate switches in the network.

The PMC402 contains two connected Atheros AR8328N Gb Ethernet switches and one Intel 82574IT Ethernet controller as NIC. The NIC is transparently connected to the PMC PCI interface by a PLX PCI to PCIe bridge. The NIC may be connected to one of the switches by a configuration jumper. This offers the most flexible and optimized configuration for applications which use the rear connections and/or the front connections.

The PMC402 contains a configuration device for “unmanaged” applications. Other project specific configurations are possible on request.

For the NIC a bootflash chip is available in which a bootloader may be programmed (bootloader not included).

The PMC402 features four RJ45 copper connectors with link and activity indicators. The other four Ethernet connections are available through rear I/O. The PIM402 PIM-module is available for rear I/O connection to a PIM carrier board.

The PMC402 is available in standard temperature, 0 .. +60°C and industrial temperature, -40 .. +85°C.

Driver support for the Intel 82574IT is included in commonly used operating systems, like Windows, Linux and VxWorks.


Single slot PMC (IEEE 1386.1-2001) with front I/O and rear I/O
PCI specification 3.0, 32bit, 33/66MHz, 3.3V or 5V signalling
Switch PMC with eight 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with RJ45 connector
One Intel 82574IT Ethernet controller connected to the PCI (as NIC)
IEEE802.3 Ethernet interface for 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T applications
Four RJ45 connectors on the front
Four RJ45 connectors through rear I/O and PIM
Combined activity/Link LED per port
Driver support available for commonly used operating systems


PMC402_datasheet – product datasheet