16-Channel 12-/16-bits Common-Mode Input ADC M-Module

Also available as a PCI, CompactPCI (3U and 6U) and VMEbus (3U and 6U) product

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12-/16-bit ADC M-module with 16x Common-Mode Inputs – M392

The M392 16-Channel Common-Mode Input ADC m-module is very well suited to be used in applications in which autonomous signal conversion is an issue, as well as in standard mid-range applications. A local TMS320C203 DSP provides processing capabilities to scan all enabled channels at a programmable rate, perform gain/offset compensation and store conversion results in dual ported memory.
The M392 has common-mode voltage inputs. The input range is software programmable which gives great flexibility for applications in data acquisition systems that need to be able to convert a wide variety of analog signals.


100kSPS ADC with 16- or 12-bit resolution
Software programmable input ranges
No potentiometers
16 common-mode input channels
Onboard filtering with 1kHz cut-off frequency
Analog front-end optically isolated
DC/DC converter for isolated power supply
Features local TMS320C203 DSP
Calibration data stored in local EEPROM
Conversion results continuously updated in dual-ported SRAM
Up to 50kHz output update rate


M392 datasheet – Product datasheet