An M-module capable of handling up to four LVDT/RVDT devices with 13-bit resolution.

Also available as a PCI, CompactPCI (3U and 6U) and VMEbus (3U and 6U) product

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LVDT/RVDT Controller M-module – M372

The M372 LVDT/RVDT Controller M-module is capable of handling up to four LVDT/RVDT devices. All conversions are made with 13-bit resolution using the National Semiconductor LM12458 Data Acquisition System. The device contains a sequencer that allows complex conversion algorithms to execute without host intervention. Conversion results are stored in an on-chip FIFO from which it can be read by the host.
The LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner is implemented using the AD598 from Analog Devices. This device generates the excitation for the LVDT/RVDT devices and measures the feedback on the secondary coils. As a result, it generates a DC voltage that is representative for the core displacement.


AD598 integrated LVDT signal conditioner for each LVDT channel
Wide range adjustable LVDT excitation frequency and amplitude
Interfaces with 4/5/6-wire LVDT/RVDT devices
Distance between LVDT/RVDT devices and M372 can be up to 100 meters
LM12458 Integrated Data Acquisition System with 13-bit resolution and sequencer
Programmable conversion rate, resolution, number of conversions and comparison limits
Interrupt on numerous programmable events (i.e. sequence completion, limit crossing)
Operates with minimum CPU intervention after initialization


M372 datasheet – product datasheet