ARINC-429 Controller M-module

Also available as a PCI, CompactPCI (3U and 6U) and VMEbus (3U and 6U) product

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ARINC-429 Controller M-module – M302

The M302 ARINC-429 Controller M-module is based upon the popular Motorola MC68332 microcontroller. The TPU of this device has been programmed to handle the ARINC-429 transmit and receive algorithms, while the CPU neatly organizes the traffic between the bus and the host CPU. As the user remains in full control, this provides a versatile and user-friendly ARINC-429 interface.
On the M302, max. 2x transmit and 2x receive channels are available. Each receive channel has a separate receive buffer per label. After incoming data is validated, the corresponding buffer is refreshed with new data. Up to 16 labels may be selected for generating an interrupt when new data arrives. The M302 features logging of statistical information. The transmit data rate can be set to any value between 12.5 and 100kbps.
For each channel and for each label, the number of transmitted and received messages is logged into the statistics part of the local firmware. The statistical information can be obtained by issuing the appropriate command.


Onboard MC68332 runs intelligent firmware
Transmit channels
Receive channels
Transmit and receive commands for specific labels
16 user selectable labels for interrupt generation upon reception
Status and statistics monitoring for all channels
Adjustable data rate from 12.5 to 100kbps
ARINC-429 rise/fall capacitors selectable per channel
Provides a platform for an ARINC-429 protocol analyser with additional software


M302 datasheet – product datasheet