Applications for the M213:
> Oscillator disciplining
> Long-term clock stability

The M213 provides GPS timing in a single-wide M-Module format adhering to the ANSI/VITA 12-1996 specification for M-Modules
The M213 may be installed on any carrier board supporting the M-Module specification
Carriers are available that allow the M213 to be used in VXI, VME, PCI, cPCI and many other system architectures



GPS Timing M Module – M213

The M213 provides GPS timing in an ANSI standard M-module format. Up to 12 satellites can be simultaneously tracked to provide extremely accurate output timing. The module can be used to discipline precision oscillators to provide long-term clock stability. The PPS output signal is software controlled to be always ON, always, OFF, or only ON when certain accuracy conditions are met.
The module uses the Motorola Oncore M12+ timing receiver to provide simultaneous tracking of up to 12 satellites and output of a precision 1PPS or 100PPS signal. The M-module I/F supports complete communication with M12+. The M12+ provides extensive control and status including: satellite tracking; latitude and longitude; height; time; automatic site survey
The PPS output is software selectable to 1PPS or 100PPS. The output is actively monitored and its status is provided visually through a front panel LED, electrically through a front panel signal, and via software through a register or interrupt. The M12+ TRAIM (Time- Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) algorithm can be enabled to ensure the timing solution integrity.