M-module (2x) Carrier for CompactPCI (3U)


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M-module Carrier for CompactPCI (3U) – i3002

The i3002 provides a high-performance CompactPCI bus gateway to the M-module interface. The i3002 has a 3U form factor. Two M-modules can be mounted on the i3002. The M-module interface of the i3002 complies with the M-module specification. The M-module interface feature A8, A24, D16 and D32 access types.
he PCI interface is PCI Specification 2.2 Compliant, slave only. The PCI to M-module bridge is implemented by using the PCI9030 PCI Bus Target Interface Chip by PLX Technology Inc.
The i3002 will be delivered with special guides of the mark Schroff. Other guides are available on request.

The board will be delivered with special low-profile guides (Schroff) to replace the standard guides in compatible racks.

The dimensions of the board are 111.7 x 160mm.


5V and 3.3V signalling voltage (VIO) supported
5V only power supply
33MHz PCI data bus
Two M-module Interfaces (A08/A24, D16/D32, TRIGI, TRIGO)
INTA software-end-of interrupt
CompactPCI Specification 2.0 R3.0 Compliant


i3002 datasheet – product datasheet