SoC FPGA XMC Mezzanine for Safety Critical Applications

The XMC602 is a reliable high-speed switched interconnect Mezzanine board featuring the Microsemi SmartFusion® 2 System-on-Chip FPGA. Designed to address the high-reliability requirements of safety critical, and mission critical systems in industrial, aviation, military and communications applications.

The Microsemi SmartFusion® 2 SoC FPGA has an integrated ARM Cortex M3 processor, which is very well suited for highly deterministic real time applications. Due to the fact that the FPGA is flash based, the device offers some clear advantages in comparison to SRAM based FPGAs. The power usage is low and it is immune to single event upsets (SEUs) which makes it ideal for aerospace applications. Furthermore, the XMC602 is equipped with ECC memory which protects against data corruption by automatically detecting and correcting memory errors.

For connectivity to other devices/systems, the XMC602 supports PCIe Gen2 and two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are available on the rear or front. To protect the XMC602 from outside attacks, Secure Boot is available for the processor and FPGA. Microsemi has designed a unique secure boot protocol for protecting third-party FPGA logic from being cloned, reverse engineered or tampered with.

AcQ provides software utilities and example VHDL code to support application development.

Additional interfaces
JTAG and UART are available on the front over a USB connector. In the standard configuration, UART is also available over the rear using the XMC connector.

AFDX® / ARINC-664 P7
The board is ideally suited to host an AFDX® end system. Please contact AcQ to discuss how the XMC602 can help meet your AFDX® / ARINC-664 P7 needs.

  • Microsemi SmartFusion® 2 SoC FPGA
  • DDR3 Memory Bank
  • 16-bits plus ECC wide
  • 512 Mbyte in total
  • Configurable PCIe interface through primary XMC connector P15 (5 GT/s)
  • One 4-lane link
  • Two 2-lane links
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Switch for front or rear Gigabit Ethernet support
  • Front USB connector for JTAG/UART
  • EEPROM chip for device information
  • On-board temperature monitoring
  • Status indication with RGB led
  • Air-cooled or conduction cooled
  • Operation temperature of components is -40 … +85 °C