3U VPX PCIexpress Switch and PMC/XMC Carrier

The VPX3001 is a high-performance 3U VPX PCI Express switch and PMC/XMC carrier designed to deliver high-speed performance for data-intensive, high bandwidth applications. The PCIe Gen3 switch provides maximum switching capabilities for fast data transfers, ideal for industrial and defense systems requiring high-speed I/O.

The VPX3001 allows for easy system integration of single board computers and I/O modules in an OpenVPX™ system. It provides a PCIe switch (Gen 1/2/3) and a mezzanine carrier.

On the VPX3001 are a PCIe switch and a PCIe-to-PCI-X bridge. The PCIe-to-PCI-X bridge connects the PMC interface to the PCIe switch. The XMC interface is connected to the PCIe switch using PCIe x8, where the PCIe-to-PCI-X bridge is connected to the PCIe switch using PCIe x4. This leaves 16 PCIe lanes for a flexible and scalable interface configuration to the backplane. The PCIe lanes between switch and VPX backplane can be configured as four Fat Pipes (x4), four Thin Pipes (x2) or four Ultra Thin Pipes (x1). Or the lanes can also be combined as two Double Fat Pipes (x8) or one Quad Fat Pipe (x16).

The new Gen3 switch offers maximum PCIe switching speed on 8GT/s and still being compatible with the Gen1/2 interfaces.

Populated with a processor XMC/PMC, the VPX3001 can act both as a system controller or as a non-system controller module.

  • Configurable and flexible Gen1/2/3 PCIe switch
  • Non-blocking PCI Express switch (depends on configuration)
  • Supports non-transparent mode
  • PMC/XMC carrier with rear I/O connection
  • IPMC power management on P0 utility plane
  • PCIe Gen 1/2/3 ready to 24GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Configurable and flexible Gen1/2/3 PCIe switch
  • 16 lanes of PCIe available on VPX™ data plane
  • Up to four PCIe switching ports for VPX™ use
  • Configurable transparent or non-transparent port(s)
  • Reverse mode supported for monarch / root-complex PMC carrier
  • Four lanes of PCIe to PCI bridge
  • PCI 3.0 support
  • 32- and 64-bit support
  • 66/50/33/25MHz support
  • 3V3 I/O signaling only
  • Rear I/O to P2 connector XMC carrier
  • Eight lanes of Gen3-ready PCIe to XMC
  • Rear I/O to P2 connector
  • Compatible with many OpenVPX™ profiles
  • All I/O of the XMC/PMC site is routed to the P2 connector
  • Air-cooled
  • Operation temperature of components is at least -40°C to +85°C
  • Optional: conformal coating
  • VPX3001/T01 3U OpenVPX™ PCIe Gen 1/2/3 switch and PMC/XMC carrier card