64 Channel Analog Voltage Output Board

The VME395 is a 64 channel analog voltage ouput 6U VMEbus board, designed for use in general test and measurement applications.

The VME395 features 64 analog voltage outputs, integrated on a 6U VMEbus board. Each output has a 12-/16-bit resolution and a software programmable output range of 0 to +10V or -10 to +10V.

Control of the analog output is as easy as writing the binary equivalent to a dedicated register (per channel). Digital-to-analog conversion takes place automatically with a 10 microsecond (max.) output refresh time. If desired, channels can be synchronized by pre-programming and then giving a simultaneous update command.

The output channels are grouped into four sections of 16. Each section features a local TMS320C203 DSP which is capable of executing custom algorithms for optional data processing.

The VME395 is also available in 3U form factor and as a M-module, PCI and CompactPCI (3U and 6U) product.

  • 64 D-to-A converters with 12-/16-bit resolution
  • Simultaneously updating of outputs
  • 10 microseconds (max.) output response time
  • No potentiometers
  • Analog front end optically isolated from hosting system
  • Onboard DC/DC converter for isolated power supply
  • Features four local TMS320C203 DSP
  • Calibration data stored in local EEPROM