General Purpose Multi-Channel Counter / Timer Card VMEbus

The VME385 is a general purpose multi-channel counter/timer 6U VMEbus board. Its powerful measurement functions, including frequency, high-time, low-time, period, counter and phase measurements, make it the ideal solution for industrial and automated test and measurement applications.

The VMEbus-compatible board features eight timer/counter inputs, all of which have a coaxial connector for the input range of +/- 10V and high-voltage pins for the input range of +/- 300V. The coupling of the inputs is either AC or DC.

The VME385 provides six measurement functions: frequency, high-time, low-time, period, counter and phase measurements.

The VME385 is also available in 3U form factor and as a M-Module, PCI and CompactPCI.(3U and 6U) product.


  • Eight timer/counter inputs
  • Programmable AC/DC coupling
  • Input voltage range +/- 10V
  • Additional inputs +/- 300V
  • Front-end optically isolated
  • Programmable trigger level and sensitivity
  • Minimum pulse width of the counter signals of 20 nanoseconds
  • 32-bit counter and 32-bit timer with 100MHz timebase