24 Channel Quadrature Incremental Encoder

The VME323 is a 24x quadrature incremental encoder 6U VMEbus board, designed for use in general automation applications.

The VME323 can be configured for interfacing quadrature incremental encoders with or without an index channel. In index mode, up to sixteen encoders with two quadrature channels and an index channel can be connected. In non-index mode, up to twenty four encoders with two quadrature channels can be connected. The board operates on two encoder input channels and decodes a pair of out-of phase signals in order to increment or decrement a counter.

The VME323 is also available in 3U form factor and as a M-Module, PCI and CompactPCI (3U and 6U) product.

  • Executes local firmware from ROM or custom firmware downloaded by the host
  • Mailbox with polling and/or host interrupt, local interrupt mechanism
  • Each encoder input is assigned to a 32-bit counter
  • Index signals can be configured for detection of rising, falling or any edge
  • Index can be used to load the corresponding counter with a pre-set value
  • Counter value has one LSB uncertainty during movement and is accurate at ease