Intelligent 16 Channel Digital Input Module

The MA203 is an intelligent 16 Channel Digital Input Module.

The MA203 is a digital input module that will sample and selectively store up to 16-bit of digital data along with a 31-bit time stamp at a rate up to 5MHz. The 31-bit time tag allows unique time tagging data. The module has the ability to store all data at the specified sample rate or selectively store input values based upon changes in state of one or more of the inputs. This technique provides extensive real-time data compression for certain digital input signals.

The MA203 comes along with the MA203/AM104 series of signal conditioning modules which has to be purchased separately. The AM104 has five options:

  • +5V Optocoupled Input Accessory Module; 100kHz max (MA203/AM104-1)
  • +28V Optocoupled Input Accessory Module; 100kHz max (MA203/AM104-2)
  • Contact Closure Sensing Accessory Module; 100kHz max (MA203/AM104-3)
  • Programmable Threshhold 0V/25.5V Accessory Module; 5 MHz max (MA203/AM104-4)
  • Programmable Threshhold -2V/+30V Accessory Module; 5 MHz max (MA203/AM104-5)

Applications for the MA203:

  • Acquisition of transient signals
  • Realtime data compression
  • Logic analysis
  • Event counting

The MA203 is also available as a PCI, CompactPCI (3U and 6U) and VMEbus (3U and 6U) product.

  • Physically implemented on a single wide MA-Module adhering to the ANSI/VITA 12-1996 specification for m-modules
  • The MA203 may be installed in any carrier board supporting the M-Module specification