General Purpose Multi-Channel Counter / Timer Card

The M385 is a general purpose multi-channel counter/timer M-Module. Its powerful measurement functions, including frequency, high-time, low-time, period, counter and phase measurements, make it the ideal solution for industrial and automated test and measurement applications.

The M385 has two signal inputs. The frequency range is up to 250MHz (M385/T02) or up to 100MHz (M385/T01). The timer/counter is a register based device and can be programmed via a provided ANSI-C library. The analog input conditioning is software programmable with respect to trigger levels, sensitivity and input coupling. The M385 is designed for automated test and measurement applications and can be programmed to perform several measurements.

The M385 is also available as a PCI, CompactPCI (3U and 6U) and VMEbus (3U and 6U) product.

  • Bandwidth of 250MHz (M385/T01: 100MHz)
  • Timer/counter with two input signals
  • Input voltage range of 10V pk-pk
  • Optical isolation
  • Programmable input conditioning
  • 32-bit timer with 200MHz (M385/T01: 100MHz) timebase
  • 32-bit counter
  • A08D16 M-Module interface
  • INTA software-end-of-interrupt
  • EEPROM for module ID and calibration data
  • Extensive software support: APIS based, LabView and LabWindows CVI