RTD Temperature Measurement Module

The CPCI390 is a 6-channel RTD Measurement CompactPCI board that provides high-accuracy temperature measurement data for industrial automation applications to ensure both product quality and safety.

The CPCI390 has a 3U form factor that features six 2-, 3-, or 4-wire high-accuracy RTD measurement channels. Each channel has programmable alarm limits on which an interrupt can be issued. The local DSP (TMS320C203) performs linearization, auto-calibration and alarm limit checking. Sensor data is available in °C, °F, K and Ohm. All inputs are optically isolated from the system.

This CompactPCI card is available in a 3U and a 6U form factor.

  • Sigma/Delta ADC with 16-bit resolution
  • PT100 linearization (IEC751-1983, DIN43760-1980, JIS C1604-1989)
  • Programmable minimum/maximum value alarms
  • Auto calibration
  • No potentiometers
  • Analog front-end is optically isolated
  • Onboard DC/DC converter for isolated power supply
  • Data acquisition handled by TMS320C203 DSP, transparent for user
  • Measurement range: -20°C to +85°C
  • Excitation current: 1mA