Conduction Cooled Compact Flash Storage PMC

The ccPMC430 conduction cooled PMC card is a rugged, embedded mass storage solution with SecureErase and WriteProtect functions that protects sensitive data in military and commercial environments.

The ccPMC430 provides advanced levels of data security for sensitive applications, complete with WriteProtect and SecureErase functions. Write protection prevents unwanted erasure, overwrite, or modification of sensitive data and operating system information. The SecureErase mode enables rapid and thorough destruction of that data when required. It couples a PCI/ATA core with SecureErase and WriteProtect logic implemented via an FPGA. The ccPMC430 is a fully integrated and tested storage solution capable of operating in environments where extended shock and vibration conditions exist. The media and the controller have been pre-qualified with major operating systems.

Means of securing media from unauthorized write or erasure of data where its most needed. Hardware initiated write protection and secure erasure helps prevent unintended intervention, since no OS is required for implementation. Cost effective mass storage, eliminating cables and the need to use SCSI based storage solutions for applications requiring moderate storage capacities.

CompactFlash Media

  • Solid state storage capacity with rugged, enhanced duty CompactFlash drives
  • Up to 8GB CF-I (16GB CF-II)
  • Extended operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C

With bootable device drivers for Linux and VxWorks, the ccPMC430 is an ideal embedded solution for secure storage requirements.

  • Hardware initiated SecureErase offers two erasure levels; destructive or non-destructive
  • Hardware initiated WriteProtect feature is enabled via an external signal or switch
  • Provision for onboard BIOS for system boot directly from storage
  • Support for multiple storage vendors enables selection for environmental performance
  • Convection or conduction cooled; uses industrial temperature range components (-40°C to +85°C operating) with conformal coating available where required
  • Complete solution includes storage, PMC and software with each assembled unit configured and undergone functional testing to confirm reliable operation of the entire unit before shipment
  • The CompactFlash II minimally exceeds the component height limit in the IEEE 1386.1 specification by 1.3 mm including retaining bracket