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Here at AcQ, we specialize in developing complex high-tech modular solutions for transportation applications. Our intelligent in-vehicle systems are designed to maximise efficiencies and deliver reliable, non-stop performance to provide the ultimate passenger experience.

Built to meet the complex demands of harsh working environments, our products are equipped to ensure operation remains consistent in extreme conditions.

We deliver a broad line of ruggedized, high-performance, embedded systems for a wide range of applications – from I/O boards and display controllers for trains to single board systems for traffic control installations.

Qualified according to international standards, we produce safe and reliable systems compliant to IEC61508 to ensure the highest level of care in relation to application, design, deployment, hardware safety maintenance and systematic system integrity.

If required, environmental testing in accordance with EN-50155 can also be integrated in to custom products as part of our development process, testing shock and vibration for use in the rail industry.

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Read on to find out more about AcQ’s standard products or learn more about our custom design capabilities.

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