For many years AcQ has designed and produced not only standard products but also a huge variety of customized Single Board Computers, I/O Boards, Control Systems and other applications.
Serving markets as Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Test and Measurement and Transportation, but also other markets as Medical are possible areas for us to serve.

Depending on the application, solutions may be offered from the following:

  • Standard products and modified standard products
  • Semi-customized solutions
  • Full custom solutions
  • Additional FPGA configurations

Why custom design?

The general goal is to find the most cost effective solution for the application to be implemented. This may be realized if the solution is individually tailored to the application while using as many standard components as possible.

This can only be achieved if the supplier has the necessary background and experience in circuit technology and is able to provide a product that is reliable for many years, including support.

To do this, AcQ offers comprehensive expertise:

  • Innovative and wide specialized hardware design capability
  • Flexible software experience to optimize the performance of the hardware
  • Production knowledge to allow reliable production of highly integrated circuitry
  • Logistics support in order to deliver on time any time
  • The understanding of applicable standards
  • Complete service package
  • Extensive customer support

See an overview of our Development Process.