The SCARLETT (SCAlable & ReconfigurabLe Electronics plaTforms and Tools) project was an EU research collaboration between 39 partners from 16 countries. The goal of the project was to develop technologies for the next generation of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA); which are scalable, reconfigurable, fault-tolerant and secure platform, under the name DME: Distributed Modular Electronics.

Traditionally, avionics consisted of bespoke systems which were dedicated to a single purpose. The Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) approach aims to create systems which can be re-used multiple times aboard an aircraft, with each handling multiple functions. For the technologies in the second generation of IMA (IMA2G), improvements were sought to several areas. Several new architectures and dynamic re-configuration of systems (switching functions between systems) were investigated and interoperability of tools was improved.

As part of SCARLETT, AcQ developed an Intelligent Remote Data Concentrator (IRDC) centred on our own LpDAS concept. This system contained analogue, discrete and AFDX® interfaces and was based on SYSGO PikeOS®. It was used in a real-time demonstrator, showing the feasibility of a DME-based approach to the aircraft anti-skid braking system.

AcQ also participated in the development of a Core Processing Module (CPM) platform. This was a dual-core high-performance processing platform running SYSGO PikeOS®. This system was used for several tasks within the SCARLETT IMA2G demonstration platform.

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